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Beautiful moment August 9, 2008

Posted by ninelouis in เล่า - tell.

It has been several months ago I left from my former employer. During that period, I had a chance to visit Indonesia Center, the size is a lot bigger than Bangkok’s – more than 70 staffs are there. My colleagues are very nice. They are helpful, sincere, and fun. They are more than colleagues, they are “my friend”.

During work day, they usually bring me to have lunch and dinner. That’s help me a lot, since i cannot speak Indonesian, do not know the place and the ingredient of food. (well, at least i learned some of them from you guys.”Selamat pagi” is good morning :P) Wednesday of every week, we usually go to cinema, use 50% movie discount card from mas Temy (Yeah, love it ! :D) – And here is some info for non-Indonesian, the size of seat there is 1.5 time bigger than here’s! it’s very comfort!

Holiday, they planned to bring me out somewhere. (you can see, how lovely they are)
I had visited the National museum, Yoas’s cave and Ajeng’s palace :P. I am very lucky, i was there when Jakarta center has a company outing, we went to the sea to eat and play! Moreover, another weekend, we went to another city, to do small hiking l! (sound like having a holiday in Indonesia, hm? :P)

Last trip from Jakarta to Bangkok, BJ told he had created one vdo for me, and today I got it – it ‘s really lovely and brought me back to that joyful moment.


According to this VDO,
place :
1- Cibeureum Waterfall, National Park Gede Mountain Pangrango, Puncak city, Indonesia
2- Mas Temy’s house (thanks again for letting us stay there)
3- Some food court in JKT
4- etc … in JKT

Thanks Ajeng for trying hardly to put it into YouTube (congrat! :P)
Million thanks to BJ, the creator of this vdo. Do let me know if you come to Thailand!

Miss you, all guys!

P.S Ajeng writeห one post about this trip, let’s check it out.



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